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Hold the left mouse button to swim up & release the button to swim down
Champion: Noelia P.M.     Highscore: 158   

Britneys Makeup Makeover
Enjoy this free Britneys Makeup Makeover Game
Champion: Daphne D.     Highscore: 168   

Egyptian Treasures
Archeology is not as peaceful as you would think, at least on our site. Use your mouse and try to pick as many gold treasures as you can.
Champion: Daphne D.     Highscore: 25   

3D Car Driver
Collest the Green Lights For Speed And the Yellow Men for Money
Champion: Strauss XD     Highscore: 60   

Star Ball
A nice version of the classic breakout!
Champion: Daphne D.     Highscore: 690   

Barb Jump
Pick your character and play jumprope (over barbed wire)
Champion: Strauss XD     Highscore: 20   

Collect the cells and Power Ups while avoiding the spikey green cells.
Champion: Strauss XD     Highscore: 2260   

Office Love
Press the mouse button to kiss. Watch out for the boss.
Champion: Daphne D.     Highscore: 8   

Shoot the groups of coloured footballs and knock out the bombs in this Zuma style football game!
Champion: Daphne D.     Highscore: 15400   

Memory 2
Try to match all the cards in as few tries as possible.
Champion: Jessica Carrasco     Highscore: 154   

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